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We provide wide range of solutions that suits each customer, our main lines of solutions are SAVANT premium home automation system and full easy to deploy wireless solution.

Savant was founded in 2005 by telecommunications pioneer and visionary, Robert Madonna with the goal of providing the best experience in home automation. When the Savant team considered what the ideal smart home would be, the one common thread was comfort: that feeling when everything in your home is just how you like it. Legacy control systems established new conveniences yet offered no path for personalization without never-ending & expensive labor bills. Savant set out to change this and in 2014 launched the first Smart Home user interface that could be personalized.
The Savant ecosystem creates a home unlike any other by first respecting that each Savant user is unique and deserving of an experience all their own. Each member of the family is treated as an individual and granted their own User profile; Each ‘User’ can personalize their Savant user Interface; Each ‘User’ can make their own favorite channels, buttons and more.
On top of UI advancements, Savant is pioneering new ground in lighting control, energy automation & distributed entertainment, offering both a Hi-Res IP-Audio and lossless 4K IP Video distribution systems. With tens of thousands of Savant Homes completed, scores of industry awards and accolades and numerous patents, people from around the world have come to Savant in search of a smart home tailored just for them.


Advanced lighting solutions that can transform your home with a touch.


Intelligent automation in tandem with climate control, the Savant Multistat lets you orchestrate all the comforts of home at a touch.


The Savant Pro Remote is designed to deliver a personalized control experience to every one who touches it. Take control of your entire home including entertainment, lighting, climate, shades and more.


Artison has been creating high-quality speakers since 2003. Artison and Savant are now working together to deliver premium entertainment solutions with seamless control from the Savant app.


Savant’s networked IP Audio connects any source to any speaker and provides exceptional sound quality for even the most avid audiophile.


Savant’s network IP Video makes it easy to deliver exceptionally high-resolution video from any source to any display. Designed for both small- and large-scale video distribution with integrated controls.


From remotes to touch screens to mobile apps to voice commands, Savant keeps you in control.

Wireless Solution

Home automation systems have been around since at least the 1960 s, when the “homes of the future” at Worlds Fairs and technology expos featured automated control of things like lighting, heating and air conditioning, and, of course, robot assistants.

All of those features ( including the robots) are available in today’s home automation systems, but with one key difference homeowners who want to control their home’s systems no longer need to worry about poor system performance due to radio signals failing to travel from one end of the home to the other, a common frustration point for decades Wireless home automation has solved this once intractable problem of home automation, offering consistent, fast and reliable signals to communicate with all manner of home control systems.

Smart home devices can be managed remotely through an app on your smartphone or computer, with many also responding to voice commands using digital assistants like Siri and Alexa Smart devices often communicate with one another through protocols like Z Wave, ZigBee and Wi Fi to create a home automation network.


The hub is the command center of your smart home ecosystem. It’s the piece that connects your individual devices and helps them talk to one another.


Smart devices are the real workhorses of a smart home system. They’re the parts that actually implement commands.


Lighting controls require little fanfare They cover dimmers, lightbulbs, light strips, and switches Many manufacturers live in the lighting space.


Access control and security devices include security cameras, smart locks, and motion sensors.


Climate control services often dovetail with energy management systems. Smart thermostats are the most popular example of climate controllers.


When a non smart appliance need to be a part of your smart home eco system, a basic control devices are available for such application.

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